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Covid-19 Procedures

Welcome back to Aspect Studios, to enable us to re open safely we have had to make a few small changes to the way we operate. Please take the time to read and adhere to this important information. Thank you.

Please also read our Covid-19 Risk Assessment (opens in a new window).


  • During this time we are restricting bookings to 2 1/2 hour slots to enable us to stagger bookings between and reset the studios between bookings. On our booking system please only book slots between the blocked out time segments. A video demonstration of this will be posted on our facebook page.
  • Longer bookings can be made by arrangement if required.


  • To avoid blocking in other studio users please park in rows consisting of your own band members. We’re staggering bookings to avoid congestion but if the car park is full please utilise the ample free on street parking.
  • During this period we ask that clients leave promptly after bookings.


  • Unfortunately the kitchen will remain closed during this period, please bring your own refreshments.


  • There will be no bins in the studios during this period. Bin bags will be provided for each band to use and take their rubbish away.


  • Hand sanitiser stations will be situated at each entrance. Separate bottles of hand sanitiser will also be available in each studio.


  • Every band likes to set up differently so we have not marked out designated floor areas. There is signage to remind you to keep your distance and we’d expect our clients to use their common sense.


  • Anti bacterial flushable toilet wipes will be provided. Please wipe down the toilet before and after use. Wash your hands thoroughly with the soap provided and use the air dryer.


  • Vocalists are advised to bring their own microphones if possible. If required we will provide vocal mics that have been swapped out and sanitised between bookings. All our house mics will be provided with a single use disposable grill cover.
  • All studios are thoroughly cleaned down and sanitised between each booking however disposable gloves are available to set up mixers, amps and drums at your discretion.

Thank you all for reading this and taking all these points on board, we’re doing everything we can to keep you all safe and any disruption to a minimum. 

WELCOME BACK, now go make some noise and enjoy.