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Our recording rate is £30 p/h subject to a 2hr minimum booking, or we offer a discounted day rate of £210 based on an 8hr day.

Further discounts are available for regular rehearsing bands.
Our recording systems include Digidesign, TC Electronic, Apogee, Apple Logic, Tascam and ProTools. We utilise an array of industry standard microphones from Shure and SE Electronics. Vocals are recorded using mics from Sontronics and SE Electronics including SE Electronics’ Gemini valve mic.

A standard 4 or 5 piece guitar based outfit recording approximately 5 tracks would need on average four days recording and three days production. 
  • Day one - Set up and record drums to click track or guide tracks
  • Day two - Bass, rhythm and lead guitar
  • Day three - Lead and backing vocals
  • Day four - Percussion, additional overdubs and final tracking review
A solo artist/instrumentalist recording approximately 5 tracks would on average need one / two days recording and one / two days production.
  • Day one - Record all accompanying parts and lead
  • Day two - Vocals, Backing vocals, additional overdubs and percussion if required 
When complete you will be invoiced for the tracking element of the recording prior to mixing.  At this stage you can take advantage of our professional production service, or you have the option to provide us with a suitable flash drive and take away the wav files for mixing and mastering elsewhere.
The above are just two basic examples to use as a guideline.
 We are experienced in recording everything from solo artists to brass sections and choirs. We also offer a portable recording service to record live gigs.
Contact us for bespoke quotations tailored to your exact requirements.
On a tight budget and want a live demo?    We can take care of it...
We can record up to 16 individual channels simultaneously and get your bands backline recorded live in one take. We then record lead and backing vocals separately.
A well rehearsed 4-5 piece rock/pop band should lay down around 5 tracks in approximately 4 hours. On top of this we need a minimum of one hour per track to do a very basic mix.
Take advantage of our day rate offer and your band gets a quality 5 track live demo for under £200   
A little advice if we may...Here at Aspect Studios we are committed to making your recording experience as enjoyable and cost effective as possible.
The key to keeping costs to a minimum is rehearsals. Know your parts well so you can make the most of your recording time. The better you perform your individual parts the less production time will be needed. All recording engineers and producers prefer to work using click tracks. (although this is not essential)
It’s a good idea to get your drummer used to playing along to click tracks at rehearsals, practice your parts over and over in the days running up to your recording session, get an early night and don’t turn up hungover. It all saves time and money.
To book your recording session email us or call Aspect Studios


Aspect Studios offer a mobile recording service to record school choirs, church groups or virtually any audio source on-site (at your premises). Contact us for details and quotations.