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Studio 2

Soundproofed, carpeted space with glazed outside wall.

Studio Rates:

  • £14 p/h Off Peak Midday to 6pm Mon-Fri
  • £16 p/h Peak 6pm till Midnight Mon-Fri and all day Sat & Sun
  • All bookings are subject to a fixed £1 handling / admin charge at checkout


  • Yamaha powered mixer with digital fx
  • Peavey impulse speaker cabs
  • Various  vocal mics and stands
  • Marshall AVT tribute 150 head
  • Marshall AVT Tribute 412 angled cab
  • Marshall AVT 50 valve prte amp head
  • Line 6 412 angled cab

  • Ashdown Evo  II 300 watt head
  • Ampeg 610 cab



  • Pearl Export 5 piece shell pack & hardware set on a carpeted drum riser
What do I need to bring?

Drummers are required to bring their own breakables i.e.

  • Cymbals
  • Snare drum
  • Bass drum pedal

Guitarists/bassists and keyboard players are required to bring their own connection leads. 
Pa speaker leads and audio mic leads are provided.